Riley Tincher is an All-American pitcher turned author. He’s also a mental conditioning coach with a master’s degree in sports pedagogy with an emphasis in sports psychology from Baylor University. He’s the owner of Coachability - a mentorship program that serves athletes, at every level (youth, high school, college, professional, and Olympic), all throughout the country. Coachability was created to provide athletes a safe haven they can go to, to talk to someone who has been through what they are going through. It was also created to teach athletes the principles to succeed in sports, and more importantly, in life after sports. It is the mentorship program Riley wished existed when he was younger.

Riley specializes in identification. He helps athletes realize that they are so much more than athletes. There’s an identity crisis among the vast majority of athletes, especially among elite-level athletes, which is causing substance abuse, depression, and suicide to rise at an alarming rate. It has become a very serious issue that Riley has personally suffered through and has overcome. He’s now using his vast experience and wisdom to help numerous athletes overcome it as well, or better yet, avoid it altogether. Riley believes in a future where every athlete understands that sports do not define who they are. Sports are a platform, not a calling.

Riley also specializes in leadership development. He helps athletes and coaches maximize their leadership potential by developing their character and teaching them the qualities and habits of all-time leaders. He also helps coaches realign their priorities, develop coaching philosophies, and build championship cultures. Most importantly, he helps coaches realize that their responsibilities go far beyond winning championships. He has experienced firsthand the impact coaches have on their athletes’ lives. Unfortunately, the majority of coaches are not aware of how powerful their influence is. Because of this, too many of them misuse and abuse their influence without realizing the life-long effects their words and actions have on their athletes who desperately want their approval. Riley believes in a future where every coach, at every level, fully comprehends the power and impact their influence has on all of their athletes, especially in life after sports.

Riley enjoys traveling the country to serve, speak, and spread the message of: everyone needs a team, everyone needs a coach, and everyone needs to be coachable. His real, passionate, and engaging speeches have impacted several leaders, coaches, and teams in sports, business, education, and churches, throughout the country. Riley speaks on a variety of topics including: leadership, identification, legacy, purpose, perseverance, teamwork, culture, preparation, and many others. Each speech he delivers is customized to fit the needs of the audience.

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Up until recently, Riley was best known for his record-breaking, historic collegiate baseball career. He was an All-American, the Midwest Region Pitcher of the Year, the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) Pitcher of the Year, a two-time first-team All-Region pitcher, a two-time first-team All-WIAC pitcher, a Max Sparger award recipient, and an All-Star in the prestigious Northwoods League. Riley also holds several school, conference, and region records. Among all the accolades and awards Riley has earned, he declares the greatest accomplishment of his career was being voted captain of his team by his teammates his senior year of college.


  • 2011 Team Captain
  • 2010 NCAA Statistical Champion in Victories (13 Victories)
  • 2010 American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Second Team All-American
  • 2010 Northwoods League All-Star
    • *The first high school baseball player in Northwoods League history (2006)
  • 2010 ABCA, D3baseball.com Midwest Region Pitcher of the Year
    • *The first in Whitewater Warhawk history.
  • 2-Time ABCA, D3baseball.com First Team All-Midwest Region (2010 and 2011)
  • 2-Time All-Midwest Regional Tournament Team (2010 and 2011)
  • 2010 Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) Pitcher of the Year
  • 2011 Max Sparger Scholar-Athlete Award
  • 2-Time First Team All-WIAC (2010 and 2011)


"Once you have fulfilled your first encounter with Riley you will have an air of confidence about yourself and slightly more faith in humanity. Riley is not one to doddle in meaningless conversation, he understands the value of time and wants to take advantage of every conversation to learn more about you and how he can make your life a little bit better.  The more time I spent with Riley the harder I worked and the higher my personal expectations rose. His constant belief just made me think higher of myself in general. I felt like I could accomplish so much more and ended up doing so. I think my success to date has a lot to do with the support and belief that Riley provided me with. I have become a stronger person because of him. The ways in which he speaks about life in such a positive manner just gets your heart rate up and makes you want to become the best person you can be, and not for him, not for anyone else, but for yourself; he opened my eyes to the ever expanding boundaries of personal success."

Max Lopez, 2-Time First Team All-American College Soccer Player, Forward of the Year


"I was lucky enough to witness first hand that Riley is one of the best at what he does. I am very proud to say he is an alumni of my current collegiate baseball program, where he had a great career and holds many of our pitching records. While his playing days in a Warhawk uniform are over, he continues to have an impact on our program to this day using his gifts off the field. He will travel half way across the country to speak to us on topics including but not limited to: how to learn from failure, how to build off success, motivation, and keeping a selfless approach in a team environment. I speak for everyone when I say his ability to resonate with his listeners and portray life stories into lessons is world class, and more importantly as a person he is as good as they come."

Blake Fleischman, 2-Time First Team All-Conference College Baseball Player


"I was at a point in my life were I lacked direction and clarity. Through working with Riley, my perspective on life has shifted to what means the most to me. I have smashed my goals and began to set new ones. Riley is available whenever I need his advice which is often. Riley is a mentor, coach, and most importantly, a friend to me."

Jad Jaafar, College Soccer Player


"I had Riley as a coach when I was in high school. He had so much faith and confidence in me and encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a Division I baseball player. I wasn't getting many looks at the time, but when we were coming home from a tournament in Bloomington, Illinois he told me "The sky is the limit." It sounds cliché, but the kind words and encouragement to me helped me keep my head up and ultimately led me to reaching my goal of becoming a Division I baseball player."

Carson Weber, Division I Baseball Player