Riley Tincher is an All-American Pitcher turned Mental Conditioning Coach, Author, and Speaker.

Riley has a master’s degree in sport pedagogy with a specialty in sport psychology from Baylor University. In 2016, he created a mentorship program called Coachability, where he’s been able to mentor and coach athletes at all levels (youth to professional). He created Coachability to help athletes succeed in sports and in life after sports, by showing them that they are more than athletes. He also created it to provide a safe haven for athletes to go to, so they can talk with someone who has been through what they’re currently going through. Coachability is the mentorship program Riley wishes existed when he was younger.

Riley specializes in identification. He’s on a mission to help athletes realize that they are more than athletes; they are children of God. There’s an identity crisis among the vast majority of athletes, especially among elite-level athletes, that is causing substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and suicide to rise at an alarming rate. It has become a very serious issue of epidemic proportions; an issue that Riley has personally suffered through and has overcome. Now, he’s using the wisdom God gave him through his experience to help athletes overcome this identity crisis, as well (or better yet, avoid it altogether). Riley believes in a future where every athlete realizes that sports do not define who they are. Sports are a platform, not a calling.

Riley also specializes in leadership development. He helps athletes and coaches maximize the leadership gift God gave them by teaching them how to develop their character and showing them the examples set by all-time leaders. Riley’s very passionate about helping athletes and coaches realize that the impact they make on others, both directly and indirectly, is immeasurable. More specifically, he wants coaches to realize that their responsibilities go far beyond winning championships. He has experienced firsthand the timeless impact coaches make on their athletes’ lives, both good and bad. Unfortunately, the majority of coaches misuse and abuse their influence without realizing the life-long effects their words and actions have on their athletes; all of whom desperately want their approval. Riley believes in a future where every coach realizes the power of their impact and utilizes it for the good of every athlete who chooses to play for them.


Up until recently, Riley was best known for his record-breaking, historic collegiate baseball career. He was an All-American, the Midwest Region Pitcher of the Year, the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) Pitcher of the Year, a two-time first-team All-Region pitcher, a two-time first-team All-WIAC pitcher, a Max Sparger award recipient, and an All-Star in the prestigious Northwoods League. Riley also holds several school, conference, and region records. Among all the accolades and awards Riley has earned, he says that the greatest accomplishment of his career was being voted captain of his team by his teammates his senior year of college.