Pitching Against Myself: It Is More Than a Game

Pitching Against Myself: It Is More Than a Game

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Pitching Against Myself: It Is More Than a Game is two books in one; a package deal.

The first book is about Riley’s illustrious baseball career and how he overcame significant odds, immense challenges, and dreadful circumstances to go from being a benchwarmer to an All-American, and from being told that he should quit playing to pitching in the All-Star game in the prestigious Northwoods League. It’s also the untold truth about his troubled childhood and the house he grew up in that was filled with alcoholism and oppression, and how he endured and overcame severe internal and external hardships to break free from the chains that had been holding him and his family in bondage for too many years.

The second book is the book Riley needed to read when he was playing. A book that teaches the principles to be successful in sports, and most importantly, in life after sports. A book that’s filled with tried-and-true practical applications. A book that reveals how to have real life change. A book that challenges limiting beliefs. A book that says, “Sports do not define who you are, and your performance does not dictate your worth.” A book that says, “You are more than an athlete.”

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